Jewish Sect Lev Tahor’s Members Detained in Trinidad

A source has confirmed to The Star that several members of the scandalous ultraorthodox Jewish sect, Lev Tahor, are currently detained in Trinidad and Tobago. According to the source in Trinidad who claimed to be a senior official in the immigration division, but spoke on condition of anonymity, three adult members of the sect arrived with six children at around 5 a.m. on Wednesday.

It was explained that the sect members were on their way to Mexico from Toronto and “usually if you are coming into the country you must have a ticket saying you are going on to another part because they did not have that immigration in this case.” Trinidad official stated that group refused return to Toronto and hence it had to be detained. According to the source, the group decided to hire a lawyer to try and get passage to Guatemala.

Trinidad source stated that “I think they ended up in Trinidad by mistake because they missed their flight to Mexico,” because he explained that the detention had nothing to do with the ongoing court case, but it was in place because they did not have their connecting tickets already. He added that “it was just by coincidence that they were detained because I don’t think immigration here was aware of what was going on in Canada.” News of the detention has come on the day an appeal is scheduled to be heard into an order for the removal of 13 children over allegations of physical abuse and a substandard education regime within the sect.

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  1. The REAL tragic part of this big mess is: that some family’s that are trapped there, are desperate to get out of this cult for years but they can’t do it, because they are consistently threatened by the cult leaders. (gangsters)

    BTW the fact that they tried running away with the 14 children who where due in court today, shows that this cult is guilty for child abuse, if not why are they on the run?

    This cult leader who is a convicted criminal: Shlomo Erez Hellbrans dcomment_ID Two Years in jail for kcomment_IDnapping a minor Shy Fema.
    SAME TIME Hellbranz sick son: Nachman Helbrans, a member of the gangsters in this cult, confirmed today that, the two families and 13 kcomment_IDs are no longer at the Chatham-area, so the authorities cant take the kcomment_IDs away, he also lied and sacomment_ID that he dcomment_ID not know where specifically they’d gone to.

    Nachman is a pathetic lire, Nachman Helbranz can’t be trusted for anything, if he says something something assume that it’s the opposite.

    “The children are on a trip, on a vacation,” The evil cruel vicious Nachman sacomment_ID, adding the families wanted to be out of the country, awaiting the outcome of the court battle, because they can’t be taken away, and it’s almost cretin that the court will have the 14 children removed forever!

    [b][b][b]Roomers are that the entire cult are planing to leave Canada in the next few days, and establish the cult in a different country, maybe even in a third world country.[/b][/b][/b]

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