Letter Threatens Ford to Resign in 12 Hours or Face Bombing of City Hall

Embattled Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, has publicly announced to have had received a message through emails addressed to the deputy mayor and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, threatening to blow up City Hall unless he resigned within 12 hours. The mayor read the email to reporters outside his office, stating “what’s wrong with your effing brother. I sent an email to him at City Hall. He has 12 hours to vacate otherwise City Hall will blow.”

The author of the threatening letter goes on to say that “I’ve already set up an explosive around. This is the message. You have 24 hours to vacate City Hall. You and your brother. No fuss, no argument, no whining, no nothing. If you ignore this warning, City Hall will disappear from the map. I’m not joking.” In his remarks, Mayor Ford said he takes the threat “very serious” and revealed to be acting on his own advice to “keep people aware.” He alleged that “it’s only proper that the mayor of his city addresses this.”

On the other hand, the media relations officer at the Toronto police, Constable David Hopkinson, confirmed the news and added that police advised the mayor against going public with the threat. According to Constable Hopkins, police was alerted by security at City Hall and “we’re talking about the mayor’s office. Let’s face it, everybody and their brother is either for or against. I don’t want to pit the police against anyone, I want to have this thing investigated in as calm a manner as possible without any mudslinging.” He stressed that “we treat all instances of this nature as serious.”

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