Vuozzo Shot Father and Son With 22

Alfred Vuozzo Jr. charged with 1st degree murder in murder of Brent and Brendon McGuigan

By Stephen Pate, with story and video from CBC News – Alfred Vuozzo Jr. admitted walking into Brent McGuigan’s home on August 20, 2014 and shooting McGuigan and his son with a 22 caliber handgun.

“It makes no sense at all,” said Crown Prosecutor Gerald Quinn detailing how the murder transpired that Wednesday night.

Vuozzo gave the RCMP a complete statement and is charged with 2 counts of premeditated 1st degree murder.

As NJN Network reported first, Vuozzo was driven by revenge for the death of his sister Kathy in an automobile accident 44 years before, an accident that was caused by the grandfather of the youngest victim. PEI Double Homicide Act of Family Revenge

At the time, some readers thought we were speculating or making up the story; however, we had reliable sources that confirmed the tragic events for the McGuigan family.  As Quinn details this week, it was a family tragedy.

“They’re very loving of one another and well-known and good reputations in the community. Men of faith, who were just shot dead on a perceived, antiquated motivation that from the Crown’s perspective makes absolutely no sense at all,” he said.

On the accident in the 1970s, Quinn said “Cathy (Vuozzo), his (Alfred Jr.’s) senior sister of nine years of age, was ejected through the front windshield and died on the scene.”

Quinn revealed that the elder McGuigan was charged and given a 9 month sentence for dangerous driving. although he did not confirm if McGuigan served any or all of the time.

“Mr. Vuozzo, from the Crown’s perspective, gave a fully inculpatory statement, after charter caution, articulating that as his motive … The Crown will rely on that motive as articulated by him to predicate its assertion that both were planned and premeditated murder.”

Alfred Vuozzo Jr. was only 2 years old at the time but something boiled inside him for 5 decades that resulted in this tragic double homicide.

“These two men (Brent and Brandon McGuigan), by all accounts, were good hard-working men, had no involvement whatsoever in the motor vehicle accident years ago, at all. This gentlemen had no familiarity with them other than knowing who they were,” said Quinn.

“He walked into the home and he shot them both multiple times and killed them.”

Brent McGuigan’s wife was in the home when the murders took place but did not witness the event. She discovered the bodies after Vuozzo fled to Charlottetown to talk to a relative.

Vuozzo is back in court on November 14th 2014 to enter a plea.

St. Mary’s Road, Kings County, PEI is not stranger to strange death and murder. In 1912, Mary McGee murdered 6 of her children by poisoning.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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