Poll Shows Tory Still in Lead, Ford Support Drops

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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According to the latest Forum Research poll conducted on Tuesday, Toronto mayoral race frontrunner, John Tory, seems to have a considerable lead over his opponents. The poll results released on Thursday have shown Tory in the lead at 39% while Doug Ford’s support fell to 33% and Chow remained around 23%. In addition to that, 4% of the poll respondents remained undecided or planned to vote for someone else.

A previous poll conducted on Oct 6, showed Tory at 39%, Ford at 37%, Chow at 22% and 2% voting for someone else or undecided. According to Forum president, Lorne Bozinoff, “while John Tory is not increasing his vote share, neither is he losing share, which Doug seems to have done after two very strong weeks. It may be that those strong weeks scared some support back to the Tory camp.” Furthermore, Bozinoff stated that “the one thing for sure is, Olivia Chow is not being seen as an effective counter vote to Doug.”

Whereas on the other hand, another poll also inquired voters about how much they approve or disapprove of the three candidates. The result of the poll showed Ford’s approval rating to have dropped to its lowest at 40%, whereas Chow bettered her figure from 42% last week to 46%. However, despite numerous attacks from Chow and Ford, Tory’s approval rating remained highest of all at 55%, but it has still dropped from the high 60s to the 50s when Ford has entered the race.

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