Premier Wynne Publicly Asks Harper for a Meeting

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has openly demanded a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper before the end of the year. Quite noticeably, Wynne and Harper have not had a face-to-face since at least 11 months now. She mentioned in a letter addressed to him on Wednesday that “it’s a much better situation when the prime minister of Canada and the premier of our country’s biggest province are working together collaboratively.”

Wynne informed the legislature that her letter said “the issues at hand are of vital interest and importance to the more than 13 million residents of our province, and they have a right to expect a close and positive collaboration between their federal and provincial heads of government.” In her remarks, she said that “this is not a partisan issue,” adding that “I look forward to hearing from Prime Minister Harper very soon, confirming a meeting between the two of us before the end of this year, and to working shoulder-to-shoulder with him on these issues.”

The Prime Minister’s Office has not immediately responded on the matter. However, Wynne confirmed to have earlier requested to see Harper on Sept. 16 for a meeting “at his earliest convenience to discuss a variety of issues relating to economic growth, developing safe and prosperous communities, and building a strong Ontario within a strong Canada.” It was revealed that the Prime Minister wrote her back on Monday, i.e. 62 days later, and still did not make any mention of a sit-down session.

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