Vice chancellor is a fan of Raju Hirani

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Vice chancellor is a fan of Raju Hirani

Recently (last week) when Raj Kumar Hirani was shooting in Mumbai University, he briefly met the Vice Chancellor there.

While the two were having a discussion, the Vice Chancellor told the ace director how he had loved 3 Idiots which showcased the journey of three college students. Raju had no clue that he was such a big fan of his film… In fact they got into a huge conversation on education and films. Vice Chancellor kept saying that he is very intrigued by PK.

The Vice Chancellor also wished Raj Kumar Hirani good luck for his upcoming next release P.K. and expressed how he is looking forward to it. Raju was completely embarrassed by the praises he was showering that he begged to get back to the shoot.

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