Sexy surprises!

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Sexy surprises!Ever wondered about the passion mantra of couples who keep throwing suggestive glances at each other at social dos? 

Well, they don’t actually possess any magical potion, but keep their love quotient strong by making an extra effort to spice up their love formula. “Any time you throw in a surprise, be it a last-minute, long drive plan, an offbeat date at an unexplored destination, an unexpected gift or acting extra bold in bed, it sends a signal from your brain’s reward center which in turn stimulates the rest of your brain, including the areas that register love and bonding,” says Dr. Sanjay Chugh.

Catching your partner off guard not only makes them feel lucky, but also in love. Here’s how to use your imagination and give a sexy twist to your love life…

Amend that accent
Try anything from Haryanvi, Punjabi, Bengali to Italian, French or Russian when whispering sweet nothings to him or when screaming in the heat of passion. To hear a strange accent from your partner when the sexual climax is building up is an implausible turn-on. Don’t bother much about what sense you are making at that time, your partner won’t bother much to comprehend. Just pick the slang from local channels and get going.

Text message
Anticipation is the ultimate aphrodisiac. When going out for a family get-together, text your partner something that will make him or her lust for you all evening. Either he/she will cancel the party or they will try to stay close to you to feel the convivial ecstasy of the night ahead. Irrespective of whether you are in a long-term relationship or have recently started dating, your mate will love this superseductive surprise. You can send an erotic text listing your fantasies or simply MMS the photo of your bed with a “Meet me here after dinner….” teaser. The rationale lies in the fact that if you know your partner is up to something, it will overwhelm you with desire.

Honey! I have your remote control
This one’s especially crafted for the girls! We all know what happens when guys glue their eyes to the idiot box, watching repeated telecasts of their favourite hockey, cricket and soccer matches. Surreptitiously, take away the remote while he is still stuck to channel surfing, sneak into the room behind him and turn off the telly. He may get awfully annoyed, but let him turn around to see you standing there in a sexy pose or clad in tantalising lingerie. You can also hide a love note at the places he is most likely to look for that devilish remote.

Pillow talk!
If you are one of those shy kinds whose heart starts racing the moment a little crudeness enters the bedroom, you can surprise your partner by being overtly expressive and talking suggestively. Remember, when you talk kinky, you are enacting a fantasy; and not merely surprising (or shocking) your partner and checking his/her comfort level with the whole idea. However, don’t start bombarding the other with hardcore crude statements, instead, start by saying tamer things, using tamer language, for instance, “I’ve been wanting you all day…”

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