Parenting The Problematic Teens

Teenage is a difficult age. Dealing with difficult teens is a big challenge. Teenagers going through difficult situation make the challenge all the more big. Drastic changes in life such as parents’ divorce, loss of someone close and mood swings are not easily digestible for kids. At times, they vent their pent-up anger in the most repulsive way possible. While the kids express their built-up anger, it is your responsibility as a parent to do your best.

The question is how? 
The answer is simple; it requires consideration and thoughtfulness on your part.

1. Communicate with your kid(s): Talk to your children and try to listen to them instead of shoving your thoughts down their throat. The mistake most of the parents make while dealing with a problematic child is the excessive use of clichés like,

When I was your age, I never threw such tantrums

Try to understand what your child is saying. You might want to shrink to their level intellectually to assess the extent of their feelings. Give your children time; listen to them to mollify their mounting antagonism.

2. Be in their shoes: To feel what your children are feeling, you might want to think back when you were their age. While all parents know that most of the things upsetting their children are not huge, they need to realize the tenderness of age and the resulting emotional outbursts.

Realize that teenagers react extremely to friendship, breakup, exams and other similar things. Make them understand that you feel what they feel. Show them how much you love them and are always there for them. Thing that needs care is the avoidance of excessive advice and investigation because teenagers find it intruding.

3. Show affection: Tell your children how much you love them by showing affection such as hugging and telling endearing things to them like you are proud of them. Send them a text saying you miss them or write little notes every now and then. Talk to them but let them make some decisions to learn on their own. Spend time with them and find fun activities such as cooking, playing board games, watching movies together etc. Soon you will see the tenseness of the air uplifting only to be replaced by the much necessary family camaraderie.

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