Married Life: My Bovine Beau

As we drew closer to the outlet malls, frenzied butterflies made their way in to my stomach. Whenever I was keen to pick up something in London, my husband, Mr.B, insisted I remain patient and shop in the US and that moment had finally arrived. To be honest, he wasn’t wrong as the prices in most places were comparatively cheaper….but I digress…sorry but when it comes to shopping, women can’t help but go on…it’s like men with sports.
Before we kicked off the shopping excursion we decided to grab a bite and settled on some Mexican.
Mr B opted for the Beef Nachos which he pretty much inhaled. Hours later after we had more bags than we could carry we packed up the car and made our way back on home. On the road, Mr.B drove through the infamous In & Out burger and got himself a cheeseburger.
He moaned and groaned as with each bite professing how it was one of the best before washing it down with some rootbeer.
The night ended with dinner at Upstairs 2 where our friend, Kavita Chugani is one of the Chefs.
Since it was a tapas style restaurant we ordered several goodies such as the Seviche, kobe sliders, roasted ham wrapped dates filled with cheese and the steak. Mr.B practically gorged the sliders and managed to save enough room to have half of the steak.
Driving back to our hotel, Mr.B clutched at his stomach and moaned that he wasn’t feeling too well. He began to recall the day’s events and his eyes widened as he recited all that he ate from the beef nachos, cheese burger, kobe sliders and steak. Slowly, he turned toward me and said;
‘I’ve eaten a whole cow!’
The entire car roared in laughter except for Mr.B. Upon reaching to the hotel, he made a dash for the loo where he moaned and groaned again, only this time it wasn’t with pleasure. I attempted to distract myself from the sounds that echoed from the bathroom and let out a little chuckle at the thought of him eating a cow when suddenly he went all quiet. Moments later, the silence was interrupted by a loud ‘Moo!’ and the toilet flushing.
Ok not really but still…..he ate an entire cow!
Marriage Tip 23;
You are what you eat!
Welcome to our ‘Medium to Well Done’ of a married life

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Born in Africa, Chandru grew up between Nigeria, India and the UK. With a Masters in International Business from the University of Westminster, he moved to New York where he worked as a Business Development Manager for three years. In 2002, he returned to Nigeria where he currently resides and runs a trading company. Chandru has been writing for Beyond Sindh ( since 2004 and has published numerous articles in the quarterly publication. His story entitled ‘The Love Letter’ won the Mirage Book short story contest and was published in an anthology titled Inner Voices in January 2009. His short story ‘Zero’ is scheduled to be published in the anthology Indian Voices towards the end of 2010.
In December 2009, Chandru’s first novel, ‘The Journey of Om’ was published in India by Cedar Books.
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