Rules for a Happy Marriage

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Rules for a Happy MarriageFollow the rules to make your marriage go stronger and happy. By adapting very simple habits you can have a happy married life.

Don’t Lose that Sexy Factor:

Wedding is the best time to rev things up. Words are as effective to set the mood then actions. Show her (or him) how sexy she is, tell your spouse that you want him now and show your passion towards your relationship.

Honestly is all About Trust:

You must be 100% open towards your relationship regarding your financial matters, especially in such scary economic period affecting the overall quality of life. The best practice is to create a budget together and so are impulse buys that could affect your financial decisions.

Keep Secrets:

If you spouse confides in you about something that must remain between two of you than abide by his words and don’t put it out there. Try to keep up little confidences and faith between.

Rules for a Happy Marriage

Reduce “Madly in Love Tendency”:

Many of the marriages suffer from lack of time spending due to busy routine every day. To have a fulfilling marriage stops ‘Puppying” once your husband is home, give some space instead of arguing. Start spending time with your own friends and enjoy your own hobbies.

Co- Exist with the Extended Family Members:

Find ways to cope up with unwelcoming or judgmental family members of your spouse, (if any) with a great gesture, because you are not married to him but his (or her) family.

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