April 19 :: Milind Tulankar

MILIND TULANKAR – Jaltarang: The ancient art of the Indian water bowl

w/ Sunil Avchat – Bansuri, Ramdas Palsule – Tabla

Sunday April 19 @ 7:30 pm

Medical Sciences Auditorium, 1 Kings College Circle, (U of T)


Tickets: $15 – $28 at 416-281-3725

Website: www.jaltarang.com

Presented by Raag-Mala Society

Jaltarang is an ancient and beautiful musical instrument, rarely heard in contemporary settings. The name literally means “waves in water,” as it’s the amount of water that determines the tuning of the individual china bowls that make up the jaltarang. Developed along similar lines as the bronze instruments of Indonesian gamelan, these bowls delicately execute raags and other melodies. Tulankar has earned international recognition for keeping this art form alive. Here he performs with bansuri flute and tabla.

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