Death threats pour in regarding Whistler sled dog cull, BC

Police say some people are going way too far in their outrage regarding the deaths of approximately 100 sled dogs.

Whistler RCMP are now investigating a growing number of threats directed at employees of Outdoor Adventures – at people who had absolutely no involvement in the deaths of the dogs.

“I understand these allegations have touched a nerve in the community and across the country, and rightly so,” says Sergent Peter Thiessen, Senior Media Relations Officer for Ediv RCMP/ Lower Mainland District Regional Police Service. “We support the public’s right to express their feelings of outrage and concern in a peaceful manner.”

“But let’s be clear on this, " No one has the right to threaten to harm or kill someone they suspect could have been responsible or involved."

Uttering death threats is a serious criminal offence that could result in jail time, points out Sgt. Thiessen. " Charges will be laid at the first opportunity should there be evidence to support such charges"

The threats have primarily been made face-to-face and by phone as well as thru Social Media. Some threats have been very graphic.

“This has resulted in significant trauma and stress for Outdoor Adventures and all their staff. That’s unacceptable. And it needs to stop immediately,” says Sgt Thiessen

Whistler RCMP continue to investigate the killing of the sled dogs in partnership with the BCSPCA who are leading this investigation.

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