Facebook abandons Zeewolde data center

facebook Zeewolde

This article was last updated on July 1, 2022

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Facebook abandons Zeewolde data center.

Since the end of March, when a majority of the House of Representatives requested that the government suspend construction for the time being, those plans had been put on hold.

The site where Zeewolde’s data center was to be built has not yet been sold to the government, according to a recent government decision. This leads Meta to infer conclusions. “Our first goal when selecting a location for a data center is to ensure that the environment is compatible. A data center in Zeewolde was ultimately judged to be a bad investment, “According to the American corporation, this is the case.

To “complete this project effectively,” Facebook says it has to cooperate closely with the city and province.

The introduction of the data center was accepted by the Zeewolde city council at the end of last year. Some questioned whether the facility would be beneficial to the community and whether it would remain open indefinitely. Residents of Zeewolde aided the opposition against the data center in March’s municipal elections.

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