The Role David Spade Was Born To Play: Joe Exotic

The absolute BEST and most entertaining news we’ve heard all week is the report that Joe Exotic, 57, wants either Brad Pitt or “Joe Dirt” to play him in the Tiger King movie. Joe Dirt is, of course the white trash mullet haired loser that David Spade played in his 2001 movie of the same name. Spade co-wrote the script and at the time critics trashed the film, but fans loved it and it made money. What’s AMAZING is the fact that Joe Exotic (birth name: Joseph Allen Schreibvogel) IDENTIFIES with the poor hillbilly with a heart of gold character that Spade created (without benefit of meth or guns.) Who knew Joe Exotic was SO self-aware? Certainly David Spade, 55, (the right age) could make a FABULOUS over the top comedic film out of the Tiger King story. All profits should be donated to saving and preserving big cats in the wild.

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