Joe Cocker Got A Little Help From His Friends

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Joe Cocker Got A Little Help From His Friends

Saying goodbye to Joe Cocker isn’t easy – we didn’t realize how much we’d miss him. Back in the early 70’s he spent a lot of time in Los Angeles and performed on Sunset Strip. We’d never seen ANYTHING like him. Onstage he looked like something the cat dragged in – he was dripping in sweat, his hair stuck out in all directions, his clothes were dirty and rumpled, and he could barely keep his balance. He was always in danger of falling off the stage. Drugs and alcohol were destroying him but he still sounded magnificent. His spastic twitching only added to the horror and glory. Actually, it’s surprising he lived as long as he did, and it’s nice that he continued to perform until lung cancer got him at 70.

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