Talaash First Promo to release with Don 2

Promo of Amir Khan's Talaash to release with Don 2
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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Promo of Amir Khan's Talaash to release with Don 2Guess this would be one of those rare scenarios where audience would be able to see Aamir Khan along with Shah Rukh Khan at the same place. No, they are not coming together for a film. However Aamir’s film Talaash would be making it’s presence felt along with Shah Rukh’sDon 2 since both films belong to the same production house.

“Yes, the First Look of Talaash would be attached to the prints of Don 2. It has been a call taken by producers Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. Shah Rukh as well as Aamir are fine with it. For audience, this would be nothing less than a double whammy of sorts since it would be for the first time anything related to Talaash would be showcased”, informs out well informed source. 

For last few months there have been immense speculations around the real plot of Talaash. Rumours have ranged from Aamir playing a cop to his spirit doing an investigation to Rani Mukerji playing his wife to Kareena enacting the character of a prostitute. However, the makers have chosen to stay mum all this while and are now using Don 2 as a platform to establish the real feel of the film. 

“What also makes this further interesting is the fact that Shah Rukh and Aamir are also the co-producers along with Ritesh and Farhan on these respective films. Shah Rukh too is fine with promo of Aamir’s film being attached to his Don 2. Moreover there hasn’t been any real tension between Shah Rukh and Aamir even though latter is good pals with Salman”, the source continues. 

On contacted, Ritesh confirmed the news. He said, “Talaash is the final title and we would be unveiling the film along with Don 2.”

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