Rakesh Roshan talks about his wife helping out the 500 kg Egyptian patient

Rakesh Roshan

The Roshans, Rakesh and son Hrithik Roshan, have always been known to be generous kind and charitable. It therefore comes as no surprise to know the Roshans have donated Rs 10 lakhs for the bariatric surgery to be performed on Emam, our 500-kg guest from Egypt.

What surprises are the circumstances under which this generous gesture was made. Says Rakesh Roshan, “I was not aware of this (the Rs 10-lakh donation). My wife Pinkie did it on her own. I got to know of what she had done when journalists began inquiring about it. I was as surprised as anyone else. I called up Pinkie and she confirmed the news.”

Rakesh who has been married to Pinkie for 46 years is filled with pride at his wife’s gesture. “That she gave the money to help that distressed girl is fine. But what really touched me is that Pinkie did it so quietly, without letting anyone know about. Not even me. The gesture was leaked from the hospital and that’s how the media got to know about it.”

So does Rakesh feel that it’s the duty of the privileged to help the needy? “I can’t comment on what others do or don’t do. But yes, if it is within our means we always like to come forward in any way possible to help in a genuine cause. My wife Pinkie, my daughter Sunaina and my son Hrithik are always there to support genuine charitable causes.”

Adds Hrithik, “It’s not nice to speak about small gestures. If some of us have the means to assuage others’ pain, why not? I wonder why people only help others when something impacts them personally. Having means to help, and then not coming forward to help is a sign of an insecure soul.”

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