“The lockdown has given trees a chance to breathe,” says Donal Bisht about conserving nature

Donal Bisht who is currently shooting for her upcoming web series, The Socho Project, shares her thoughts on the effects of lockdown on nature, climate change and more. The actress has always been considerate towards nature and took part in several activities that contribute towards a healthier environment.

“The lockdown has given trees a chance to breathe,” says Donal Bisht about conserving nature

She says, “I think due to the lockdown, a lot of things got better on the nature front. Of course, the pandemic is bad news, but the effect of lockdown proved positive for nature. The lockdown gave the world a breather. Like a chance for the tress to breathe and also helped reduce pollution. I can notice more greenery. And it’s amazing to see clear skies in Mumbai. The kind of skies we see abroad.”

“Everybody should make it practice to plant trees! I understand that trees and plants are used for many things, and to produce many products. But I think for every tree that’s cut down, a new tree should be planted. I also think that it’s beautiful how in school children are encouraged to grow trees” she further adds.

The actress who has initiated two mental health awareness campaigns during the lockdown has quite a quirky idea to help reduce pollution on a global level. She says, “The positive effect of lockdown on nature has led me to think of this idea where we could have one day off every week; worldwide! I think this will help control pollution on a global level. If not this, I think the governments of each country should brainstorm great ideas to help tackle climate change and ozone layer depletion. We need to unite to fight this issue!”

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