Contestant Florina and super guru Tushar Shetty pay special tribute to legendary actress Sridevi on Super Dancer – Chapter 4

This weekend, Super Dancer – Chapter 4 pays a tribute to the evergreen actresses of the Indian Film Industry with the Bollywood Queens Special episodes. This weekend promises some great moves, iconic songs, memorable banter and fun unlimited. Contestant Florina Gogoi from Jorhat Assam along with her super guru Tusshar Shetty had everyone in rapt attention with their energetic performance on a medley of late Sridevi’s popular songs. It was a befitting tribute, replete with voiceovers and visuals through which guru Tusshar explained Sridevi’s journey and popularity to young Florina.

Contestant Florina and super guru Tushar Shetty pay special tribute to legendary actress of Bollywood ‘Sridevi’ on Super Dancer – Chapter 4

Florina and Tushar displayed their prowess with the House and Old School Hip-Hop styles on songs starting with 'Mama Mia' from the 1983 film Justice Chaudhury, followed by numbers like 'Naino mein sapna', 'Hawaa hawaai', 'Khuda gawah' and 'Meri bindiya'.

Judges Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora, and Terence Lewis were gaga over their dance and lauded the guru-shishya duo for doing complete justice and paying a tribute to a screen Goddess who regaled audiences for decades with her acting and dancing prowess. While Terence appreciated her confidence and crazy footwork, he exclaimed “You Killed It, Girl”, Malaika called Florina the “Swag Queen!”

Geeta Kapur said, “Itni badi hasti hain na Sridevi ji, unke life ko itne chote se samay main, samman dena bohot hi mushkil kaam hai. Because her body of work is so much… Aapne sahi kaha end main, wo chaand ki chandani banker hume roz touch karti hain.” She praised Tusshar for his choreography and called Florina ‘happy feet’.

When asked by Florina, Geeta, in fact, shared an anecdote about how in the early days of her career as a dancer, she was one of the background dancers for Sridevi's shows in the 90s. She reminisced, "A long time ago, when I was really young and I used to be a dancer, I used to dance behind Sridevi during some shows. I used to stand in the wings and watch her make an entry. She used to be so calm, collected, and composed before she went on stage. Nothing used to affect her, not even screams and cheers from the audience, and the moment she had to go on stage, she used to be jaise ek tej aata hai… that aura, that personality… it used to be a star entry! It used to be so joyful to watch her. People talk about how she used to switch on and switch off when she was in front of or away from the camera, but see how her work has never switched off. She's still here, amongst us."

Geeta also revealed how Sridevi had a sharp memory. Once after several years, when Janhvi Kapoor was being launched, Geeta was working with the actress' daughter, and Sridevi happened to be on set. And she remembered Geeta. She asked the choreographer, "Hello Geeta, how are you?". It just made Geeta’s day! On this note, Geeta gave a word of advice to Florina. "As you grow up and you go through your life’s journey, never forget the people who have been associated with you. Because down the line, when you meet them and say ‘hello’ they will feel nice. Toh sab ko yaad rakhna.. okay".

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