With Ganguly and Dravid in the film why should Virat worry – Divyendu Sharma

With Ganguly and Dravid in the film why should Virat worry - Divyendu Sharma

Two years after the release of Pyaar Ka Punchnama, which can pretty much be hailed as a modern day cult flick, Divyendu Sharma (who played oh-so-adorable foul mouthed Liquid in the film) is back with Chashme Baddoor. This time around, he is much politer in tone though, what with 'sher-o-shaayari' forming a major part of his dialogues. While one looks forward to what the youngster has to offer in the David Dhawan directed laugh riot, Divyendu is confident about his place in the team that has relatively more experienced players (read actors) like Ali Zafar and Siddharth, whom he fondly refers to as Ganguly and Dravid.

After doing Pyaar Ka Punchnama, what was it about Chashme Baddoor and your role that made you go for it?
Actually the kind of part that has been written for Omi (my character in the film) is very difficult to do. Liquid was such a loud mouth; he kept on saying a lot of things and was ranting all the time. Here I had to be pretty much at peace, recite a lot of 'sher-o-shaayari', bring in humour quotient there and do it all with a straight face. I couldn't go ballistic like the way I had gone in Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

However there too it was about bromance between you, Kartik and Rayo. How does this become different with Ali and Siddharth?
In Pyaar Ka Punchnama, basically the three of them were almost on the same page. Here in Chashme Baddoor they are on different levels with a unique relationship between them. Siddharth is filmy, I am a 'shaayar' and Ali is a studious type. We have a very sweet bromance which is quite underlined. Having said that, I won't say that there are moments where you would see our bonding very explicitly. It would be conveyed mainly by the dialogues that would showcase implicitly that these three guys are friends.

Off screen though, since you are basically one film old, was it tough to adjust? After all, Ali has been a popular name for all these years while even Siddharth has a good body of work down South.
(Smiles) See, I look at it from a different point of view. Yes, they are known names and my director is someone like David Dhawan who has made 40 odd films. However, when you have a Ganguly and a Dravid in the film, then why should Virat worry and take tension? You should rather come out and play your natural game. These people have seen the pitch already; I just had to concentrate on reading it right!

Did coaching by David Dhawan come in handy?
I think it was very surreal to say the least. David Dhawan is the heart of commercial cinema; he is the King of comedy. We have grown up watching his movies. When you are actually in front of a person with this stature, you obviously have some kind of nervousness. Mr. Dhawan is such a loveable person; he is the youngest one on the sets. He is one big ball of energy who can be seen hopping from one place to another. He would come on the sets and improvise all the time.

So how did you actually adjust to his working style?
I still remember the day when we were about to start the shoot. I was slightly nervous and doing pushups in my vanity van. Suddenly the door opened with a bang and Mr. Dhawan exclaimed that it was good I was exercising. He asked me to carry on and meanwhile spoke with so much love and affection. He took a personal interest in my look and costume and made sure that I did well. Suddenly, the world looked so flowery. After that the entire shoot was akin to a paid picnic.

Picnic? Well, the same was said about Rascals as well.
Come on now, look at his success rate. 90% of his films have done well and you can't judge him by that one odd film that didn't click. You can name any director and he too would have delivered one or two films that didn't work. Though I haven't seen Rascals, one can't doubt David Dhawan ever.

Okay, so how was Taapsee Pannu's company during the shoot?
Aaah, she is a lovely person. She is very energetic, honest and takes her work very seriously. She comes from South film industry and the kind of discipline that these guys follow there is amazing. She is very friendly and there was never a wrong vibe at all. Being with her was great fun.

Rishi Kapoor's presence adds on to fun too, isn't it?
I had a really nice time with him which continued till the end of shoot. We used to meet in the evening, sit and chit chat. He asked me about my background, started talking about acting and asked me what kind of approach I followed. Since he is a big foodie, we also used to eat and drink a lot. We bonded big time. He is such a good co-actor and was giving me cues all the time. It was great working with him.

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