We dont want any controversies – Vivek Oberoi on Grand Masti

Wives of B-Town heroes are known for their list of do's and don'ts when it comes to on-screen act of their hubbies. For a good period of time, Emraan Hashmi refrained from kissing on screen soon after getting married. Imran Khan doesn't indulge in any on-screen act either that would put his wife in a spot.

On the other hand, there are some out there who have stayed on to be 'bindaas' in accordance to the demand of their character, case in point being Hrithik Roshan. Last year even Shah Rukh Khan broke his 'no kissing' rule with Jab Tak Hai Jaan when he indulged in a lip-lock (so what if it was just a peck) with Katrina Kaif.

Now in Grand Masti, even though Vivek Oberoi is indulging in some heavy duty double entendres, visible sexual connotations and below the belt innuendos, he appears to be at peace with his wife Priyanka. The lady in question doesn't mind her hubby getting all naughty and risqué in this sex comedy.

"Of course when she first saw the scenes from the film, there were a lot of rolling eyes and head shakes. She couldn't believe what was playing on screen," laughs Vivek.

She was quick to understand though that in the kind of genre that Masti series carried, nothing less could have been expected, especially with the sequel arriving nine years after first in the series.

"Priyanka has always been supportive of me and my work. She knows the difference between my career and my personal life. She doesn't interfere or try to force her views because sometimes such things lead to lines being blurred between personal life and career. None of us want that," Vivek gets serious here.

While things have been taken care of on the family front, when it comes to rest of the world, including the ones representing morale brigade who are expected to come out with daggers on release of the film, Vivek isn't worried.

He says, "I am not going to engage anybody from morale brigade. This film is not meant to teach moral values. It is an entertaining film and not meant to be taken seriously. Let those who want to watch the film just come, enjoy the ride and leave it at that. Don't make such a big issue about anything; aisa hum karna bhi nahi chahte hai. None of us want any controversies."

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