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If you’ve ever considered buying a one-way ticket to Thailand with nothing but a backpack (filled with books, not clothes), or regularly seek out every open mic/sketch-comedy show in your virtual neighborhood, then you’re probably a Pisces. You’re imaginative, intuitive, and as passionate as you are an old soul with a can't-be-tamed attitude — and finally, it’s your season.

February 18 to March 20 is all about celebrating being a Pisces, and what better way to pay homage to the sign that largely defines your emotions and everyday behaviors than getting a tattoo? We know that art and creativity are very important to you — more so than any other sign — but just in case you needed extra inspiration or design ideas, we've rounded up the best Pisces tattoos we could find. Our favorites, ahead.

Pisces are known for being a bit flaky, "swimming" in and out of life's obligations — which is why it's so fitting that the sign is represented by the fish.

Add some colorful ink to really bring these fish to life.

Want even more color? This watercolor tattoo will keep an artsy Pisces satisfied.

Rosa Bluestone Perr is a pro at realistic tattoos — and her fishy designs are some of her clients' favorites.

Getting tatted near the ditch of the arm is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable placements out there, but we think a Pisces can handle it.

If you've ever wondered why you bring out the most intense emotions in people, it's because Pisces' ruling element is water. In other words, you dive deep.

Give yourself the best birthday gift ever, with fine dot work in the shape of the Pisces constellation.

Pisces are all about seizing the day, and pros at teaching friends that every good thing comes to an end at some point — but that's no reason to stop enjoying what you're doing right now.

You and Neptune are basically best friends. Not only does the planet control those deep emotional waters, but helps them surface when you're finding it difficult to them rise on their own. Pay tribute to the powerful planet with a rad shoulder tattoo.

The Pisces glyph (two outer-facing semi-circles connected by a single thread) is another way to celebrate your sign, and is even dreamier when adorned with colorful florals.

If you want not-so-typical art to honor your zodiac sign, ask your artist for something similar to this dainty fine-line constellation with cute bursts of stars throughout.

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