Remembering Karel van de Graaf

Karel van de Graaf

This article was last updated on November 15, 2023

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AVRO presenter and journalist Karel van de Graaf has died at the age of 72

AVROTROS has announced the passing of Karel van de Graaf, a prominent figure known for his long-standing career with AVRO. Van de Graaf, who worked for the AVRO between 1969 and 2007, was a recognizable face and presented several TV and radio programs during his tenure.

Notable Career Moments

Since 1986, he had been the face of the television program Televizier and also presented Netwerk from 1996 to 2004. His later endeavors included hosting TweeVandaag, which was later rebranded as EenVandaag. Additionally, in 2006 and 2007, Van de Graaf presented the sixth and seventh series of “Wie is de Mol?”

An iconic television moment in Karel’s career occurred in 1984 when a fight broke out on his weekly talk show “Karel.” During a conversation, a scuffle ensued among the guests, leading to memorable chaos. The memorable line “Gentlemen, gentlemen!” echoed as Van de Graaf attempted to diffuse the situation while the fracas unfolded, eventually culminating in a shot being fired into the studio.

Post-Retirement Controversy

In 2007, after 38 years with AVRO, Van de Graaf retired from his role. The reason behind his departure was his appointment as communications director of an energy company, which the AVRO deemed incompatible with his position as a presenter. His severance payment of 544,000 euros sparked public scrutiny and led to parliamentary questions from the PVV.

Addressing the controversy, Van de Graaf commented, “These salaries belong to this world. Nothing compared to that of football players, a lot compared to that of my father, an unskilled metal worker.”

Passing and Legacy

Having battled Alzheimer’s disease, Van de Graaf had been unwell for some time before his passing. He died at home in the presence of his wife and children.

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