The Latest Plastic Surgery Craze? A Nip-Tuck For Your Toes

During the last decade there has been a tremendous progress in the field of plastic surgery with the introduction of new techniques. Now men and women can easily change the way they want to look. Although cosmetic surgery is an expensive process, its trend is rising day by day. The other reason behind its rising trend is the urge and desires to look perfect. Some time ago,plastic surgeons were only focused on bringing change in the bigger picture, but now with the help of latest techniques, they have now been able to into minute details as well for example,toe nails. Here are some latest plastic surgeries for toes:

• Weight Loss Surgery For Your Toes
Although weight loss surgery for your toes can be harmful, people are still opting to have their toes surgically slimmed to fit into latest stilettoes and platform heels. One said that beauty needs perfections but not every woman wants to go to this height of perfection. The process usually involves liposuction to the toes but in an extreme situation, women don’t resist to have their toe removed. On the contrary, the surgery can also lead to infection and difficulty in walking.

• Pillows For Your Feet

Coined loub jobs are in a high demand these days because of the rising trend of high heels.  People get this cosmetic surgery specifically to wear high heels by the designer Christian Louboutin. In this surgery, doctors use fat or sculptra to support the heel so, that women support their loubs painlessly. This surgery is not only common in women but also in men. Men go through this surgery to alleviate pain of their feet. Moreover, this surgery is very expensive and hence, not everyone can afford it.

• Botox Injections
People get these Botox injections to stop their feet from sweating. It’s for those people who are very conscious not only about the way they look but also the way they smell. Botox injection is a very painful procedure but people are willing to bear this pain other than being stuck with stinky feet for the rest of their lives.

• Laser Therapy
Laser therapy in not new in the field of cosmetic surgery but when it comes to your toe nails, not many people have heard about it. People go through this laser therapy to eradicate toe nail fungus in a single session. Women mostly go for laser therapy to remove hair from their toes and feet.

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