Quebec Inquiry Gets Testimony Directly Involving Montreal’s Mayor

A testimony directly implying that Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay was aware of his party running an election campaign, that was illegally financed, has been recorded by his political organizer. The newest surprise testimony at the Charbonneau corruption inquiry was made by the Union Montréal Organizer, Martin Dumont.

Dumont stated that he “blew a gasket” during a meeting with Mr. Tremblay and his official agent, Marc Deschamps, at the time of 2004 by-election about overspending way beyond the limit of $46,000. He claimed that Mr. Deschamps had formed a sheet presenting a sum of $43,000 in official spending and $90,000 in an “unofficial” column. Mr. Dumont asserted that Mr. Tremblay left his seat and stated that “I don’t need to know this,” before leaving the meeting.

In response to these allegations Mr. Tremblay stated, while he was unraveling a budget with tax increases on Tuesday, that he is not going to address every explicit allegation made against him at the hearing. He only mentioned that “all I can say is that it’s totally false.”

The commission has established that the 2004 by-election were aimed to restore a pair of city councilors who later pleaded guilty of fraud. Dr. Dumont went on asserting that “who would have believed me?”, when asked why he didn’t go to authorities. “Here we were, holding a by-election to replace two corrupt councilors and we were running another even bigger fraud?”  He claimed that “the system was so big, I would have been going against the entire establishment of the city of Montreal.” He assured that “no one would have believed me.”

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