Best Heart Tattoos

Ask a cardiothoracic surgeon to draw a heart, and you'll get a sketch of the muscular pump-like organ that sits in the center of our chests beneath layers of connective tissue. Ask anyone else, and you'll get a much simpler, much cuter alternative to the real, messy thing (which, to its credit, does keep us alive).

What the tapered, scalloped heart sans veins and valves may lack in physiological functions, it makes up for in aesthetic. Conveniently, the universal symbol for love and romance also happens to lend itself to really cool tattoos. No matter the placement, the statement, or the size, heart tattoos are easy to love — and the no-fuss designs ahead prove exactly that.

There's never a wrong time to get a rainbow tattoo that shows your pride — and this fine-lined heart caught our eye big time.

Tattoos with a crayon-like texture are popular in Korea. Try the trend for yourself with this heart tattoo.

Unless you're willing to shell out the money for laser removal in the future, consider this flaming heart — note the lack of your S.O.'s initials — for your next couple tattoo.

One of the easiest spots to get a tattoo: your thigh. This minimal design won't leave you in tears — even if you have a low tolerance for pain.

Hailey Bieber is an obvious fan of the heart tattoo trend, hosting one on her finger (to match BFF Kendall Jenner) and another on her collarbone.

A not-so-lame tribute to a bestie who requires a plane ticket to hang out with.

Requesting a fill-in for your heart tattoo will make even the tiniest design stand out.

The one neck tattoo we aren't afraid of getting.

Wrist tattoos are cute, but extending the placement a few inches higher means everyone will get a glimpse of your new ink every time you reach for the subway pole.

The back of the arm is a popular placement for small ink — just ask Kylie Jenner.

If you're only in the business of reach-for-the-stars love, then this heart tattoo was made for you.

When you consider Lady Gaga's "Diamond Heart" the unsung hero of her last album…

Most likely inspired by one of the 50 song titles with the word "cherry" in it.

Just in case you think actually getting a quote tattoo about self-love is too cheesy, consider this sweet design as an alternative.

Looking for your next sister tattoo? We bet your siblings won't be able to turn down these teeny-tiny hearts in your family group chat.

A minimalist reminder that wearing your heart on your sleeve isn't always a bad thing.

For a dainty reminder of limitless love, ask your tattoo artist for a heart with angel wings.

Why settle for one heart when you can have three that all symbolize the closest people (or things) in your life?

Whether you're in true love or not, you can't deny how cute this teeny candy-heart ink is.

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