Floatable Balloon Weightpacs To Liven Up The Celebrations

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Floatable Balloon Weightpacs To Liven Up The CelebrationsI have always been a sucker for new and interesting gadgets and thingummies that change the entire mood of the party. Surely flowers, decorating ribbons, potpourri and other items do set the mood for a good party but they lack novelty. One ingenious party decorator that caught my eye lately is Zero Gravity Balloon Weightpacs that I find perfect for any occasion, be it Eid, Christmas or a birthday bash.

Patented by Fantastic Floatables, Zero Gravity Balloon Weightpacs are string-free.  It’s such an interesting idea that I would use three adjectives for it; novel, simple and creative. All you need to do is to take a balloon and wrap the adhesive backed tabs before or after inflation and then adjust the zero gravity. Zero gravity is the point where your balloon will float midair without the aid of a string.

Zero Gravity Balloon Weightpacs provide you with a number of sticky tabs giving you a freedom to use as many tabs as you desire. Each sticky-tab raises or lowers your balloon to 1 – 2 feet giving you the precise hovering effect. You can adjust the hover by adding or removing the sticky-tabs yourself.  What I love about the sticky-tabs is that you can make all the balloons float string-lessly at various levels in your house to add a magical feel. This is a wonderful idea and I bet your kids will absolutely love it.

Fantastic Floatables WeightPacs can work on any types of balloons but its makers suggest you to use their toys such as Neutral Buoyancy Toys and Super Saucers to experience the special effect they brag about.

Floatable Balloon Weightpacs are available at $1.99 and together with Saucer kits, they will cost you less than 6 bucks. Have huge fun at such little cost. Give your littluns a surprise on their birthday.

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