How Exposed Is Your Online Data?

Everyone knows that private threats on the internet are real. But do you know how safe your personal information is online? A lot of people become lazy and think that security threats will never happen to them. But you may be surprised just how exposed you are to people looking to steal your personal data. Here are some of the mistakes that people are making when they are surfing the website and connected to the internet.

Using Weak Passwords

We all want a password that is short and easy to remember. But this can put you at risk of having your personal information and accounts stolen. The best thing you can do is ensure that your password is long and hard to guess. Avoid anything that can be guessed easily by someone who knows you or has some information already. For example, you should not use your birthday or primary school. Instead, use characters, numbers and symbols so that you cannot guess the password. What’s more, make sure that you do not use the same password for every account you have.

Visiting Unsecure Websites

Are you careful when you are surfing the web online? You should always make sure a website is secure before you use it. Unfortunately, there are some dangerous ones out there and you have to be vigilant. For example, only use recognized and trusted websites for all of your needs. As a general rule of thumb, stick to big names for reading the news. When you are gambling online, use large platforms such as NetBet and check the site you’re on has an ‘https’ prefix to indicate it is secure If a website does not look right, make sure that you leave immediately.

Ignoring Two-Step Verification

One recent security upgrade that you may have noticed on modern technology is two-step verification. This is a great way to keep your accounts secure since it has an extra layer of protection. Thus, even if someone stole your password, they could not access your account. They would also have to have the code that appears on another one of your devices.

But one mistake that a lot of people make is turning off two-step verification. There are some that think it is unnecessary and means they cannot quickly access their account. However, one day, this could be a security feature that saves your personal information from being accessed by someone else.

Having Public Social Media Accounts

Are you aware of what people can see on your social media profiles? If you share a lot of your thoughts and personal information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people may be able to learn a lot about you. While you share this with friends and family, it can also mean strangers and see this information. This could become dangerous. Therefore, you want to ensure that your profiles on social media are private and not public. This is going to mean that people have to be friends with you to view your information. Just ensure that you do not accept friend requests from anybody that you do not know.

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