Apple Cancels Electric Vehicle

Apple Electric Car

This article was last updated on February 28, 2024

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The Cease of ‘Project Titan

The technology giant Apple appears to be discontinuing its plans to engineer and manufacture an electric vehicle. Bloomberg, the business news service, reports that roughly 2,000 engineers from the dubbed ‘Project Titan’ have been informed they will be relocated to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector or must seek alternate employment. Apple has refrained from commenting on the declarations, but the seriousness of the situation was highlighted by the considerable surge in Apple’s share value yesterday in New York immediately following the release of the report by Bloomberg. The story was also covered by the Wall Street Journal. The existence of Apple’s pursuit to develop an electric vehicle was unveiled in 2015. By then, the producer of massively successful devices such as the iPhone and iPad had already been financing this endeavor for about a year.

Skeptical Viewpoints

The ambitions of the California-based corporation were met with skepticism from the start. Detractors emphasized the vast difference between constructing a vehicle and devising a computer and its related products. According to Bloomberg, the officials of Apple decided to terminate the project just last week. Precisely, a month ago, Bloomberg revealed that Apple had altered its original schemes. The original release date of the initial vehicle was deferred from 2025 to potentially around 2028. Apple has poured billions into the electric vehicle development, originally intending for the vehicle to be not only electric but also autonomous.

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