Is Lindsay van Zundert Returning to the Ice?

Lindsay van Zundert

This article was last updated on February 27, 2024

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The Off-Ice Life of Lindsay van Zundert

Formerly the embodiment of Dutch figure skating, Lindsay van Zundert is currently keeping herself occupied outside of the sport. The 19-year-old has been spending her time running and working out at the gym, as well as working in the hospitality sector. Having to deal with personal issues, van Zundert is taking some time to prioritize herself.

Stepping Back From Competitive Figure Skating

In recent competitions like the European Championships and the Challenge Cup in Tilburg, van Zundert was absent. In explaining her absence she expressed that she’s now unable to maintain her peak mental and physical condition. She made it clear that her focus at the moment is on personal growth.

A Career Hiatus Or Transitory Phase?

Van Zundert’s absence from the ice doesn’t denote the end of her career. She hints at the possibility of a return to figure skating. However, she is also open to the likelihood that her life might take a different course. Her main intent, whether she returns or not, is to ensure her personal wellbeing.

Is a Comeback on the Horizon?

The answer remains ambiguous as van Zundert emphasizes her need not to pressure herself. She wants to avoid setting herself up for disappointment if a planned comeback doesn’t go as intended. Regardless of her final decision, she’s content with what she’s achieved so far and has no regrets.

Looking Back On An Accomplished Career

Van Zundert sees her career as a success, stating that one of her dreams of participating in the Olympic Games was fulfilled. She views this accomplishment as monumental and something that no one can take away from her.

The Figure Skating Love Affair Continues

Despite her hiatus, van Zundert’s affection for figure skating still endures, as evidenced by her gaze moving towards the rink in Tilburg. She views the sport as an integral part of her life, one which she will forever find engaging.

The Importance of Mentorship and Support

Throughout her period of self-doubt and worry, van Zundert benefitted from the support from Joan Haanappel, a figure skating icon who recently passed away. Joan played a relevant role in Lindsay’s life, providing advice and guiding her career.

The Future Uncertain

As the World Championships in Montreal draw near, van Zundert hasn’t shut the door on her participation completely. However, her current decisions hint at a low likelihood of her appearance at the competition.

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