The Ontario provincial elections

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The most important things we youth, the new generation who are the next leaders for our Province and for our country should be concerned about during the Ontario elections, in my humble estimation,  are the following:

    – Look for politicians who support life and I mean from conception to natural death. I don’t think too many young people are paying attention but I am and so are some of my friends ‘future leaders’.  Do you know we have a very very low birth-rate. Seems to me families are afraid to have children – why is that?  I am not a scientist or great mathematician but it doesn’t take rocket science to understand if our families don’t have children what will happen? 

    – It’s clear without children there is no future. Governments should do more to help families have children.   I try to understand how and why any mother could kill her child. As a Sikh and someone who also has great respect for Christianity, I find it barbaric. But I know that some women, and sometimes girls, end up in desperate situations. Because only when someone is desperate do they take desperate actions.

    – No woman should ever be desperate enough that she will kill her own child in the womb.

    – More needs to be done to help mothers have their children and there should also be post-natal care for the mother and child. Hopefully the father is doing his part too. So what does it mean – it means we need a law in Canada

    – a law for the unborn as at present there is no law.  I was astonished to find out that we are the only country in the world that has no law to protect our children in the womb.

    – Look for politicians who will defend our religious freedom. We are in a democracy and we have the right to our beliefs – to stand up for them and not be ridiculed. This is civil law, it is civil rights. The rights that so many fought for and died for.  No government is god; no government has the right to take away our moral or ethical rights.  The government’s one job is to govern and make the city livable, safe, use our taxes for good things, fight crime and violence, educate which does not mean take over the mind and soul of the child/youth as some well-known politicians are trying to do!  We youth must speak out and tell our politicians we will not vote for such people.  We will not let them take over the minds of our brothers and sisters.-

    -No one should vote for Parties/politicians who have lied to us; misused our funds (e.g. Ornge scandal, EI scandal; power plant shutdown costing taxpayers millions of dollars).. We want clean and good stewards

    – politicians who will use our hard earned money (right now that of our parents/family members) in the right way. We want them to build a better Ontario. A province that everyone wants to come to where everyone receives a ‘just wage’ for their work. A province where the youth, who oftentimes are struggling with so much debt when they graduate, are helped.

    – The provincial election is on – we have a short time left to do what we can do: canvass, make phone calls; visit with our parents/etc..  You can help the party in your local riding – do it!  Many will have to make a choice – a choice for ‘their life and their future and their dollars’…

The Ontario provincial elections are coming up soon and knowing that the readers for most of this are we youth who cannot vote yet and therefore cannot make a big difference yet – however, a great tactic around this is to encourage voting through your local riding or the party you wish to support. Who said there was a limit to helping to canvass? That’s right; nobody did. This simply means that at any age you can help the party in your local riding out by helping the voters to vote.

Helping to vote such as campaigning for your favourite party is a great way to stay involved. 

Recently, there was the fantastic March for Life up in Ottawa where 17,000 young people were present and about 6,000 adults. It was fantastic to hear the youth were so influential on Parliament Hill, and now throughout Canada,  say ‘our generation will see in a law against abortion'.  I was delighted with their determination, their joy, their purity, their desire to build a new world and their love for all they met. I am sick and tired of so much of the filth that is thrown at us youth and I have a message for those who do it! We don’t want it- we refuse it! And you should too!

Come on young people – it is our time to do what we can for our city, our province, our country, our world. It starts with each one of us.

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