Schiphol’s Increased Flight Capacity

Schiphol airport

This article was last updated on December 21, 2023

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Schiphol Prepares to Handle Increased Flight Volume

Schiphol airport is set to welcome 13,000 more flights during the upcoming summer period than previously announced, taking the total to 483,000 flights throughout 2024, as reported by the airport.

Revised Capacity and Factors Influencing Flight Operations

Legally allowed 500,000 flights, the withdrawal of the government’s initial reduction plan for next year, prompted Schiphol to reconsider its capacity. Discussions with air traffic control, customs, and other stakeholders led to the decision that 483,000 flights are manageable, considering the operational constraints.

Operational capacity, including resources from the Royal Military Police, customs, and air traffic control, will influence the actual number of flights that can be accommodated at the airport. The goal is to avoid a repeat of the spring 2022 chaos caused by staff shortages.

Policy Reversal and Ongoing Evaluation

The initial plan by the outgoing cabinet to limit flights due to noise pollution was withdrawn after international pressure, allowing for the legally permitted 500,000 flights next year. Subsequent efforts to shrink the airport after the upcoming season are under assessment by the European Commission.

Coordination and Impact on Airlines

The slot coordinator at Schiphol, responsible for allocating take-off and landing rights, will distribute the flight slots among airlines. The allocation process will prioritize reducing flights during peak times to manage potential queues.

KLM, a major airline operating at Schiphol, welcomed the increased flight capacity while acknowledging the need to swiftly adapt to the change, emphasizing its commitment to managing the allocated flights.

Operational Outlook

The airport expects to handle a total of 433,000 flights in 2023 before the increased capacity becomes effective next year.

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