Quick Gun Murugun

EXPECTATIONS First things first. Before one starts dissecting and bisecting the music of Quick Gun Murugan, one must remember that in spirit, this one is a spoof film. It belongs to that kind of quirky genre that Hollywood has excelled in over the decades. This time around director Shashanka Ghosh, who himself made his big screen debut as a director with a quirky Wiasa Bhi Hota Hai: Part 2 few years back, goes further wild with Quick Gun Murugan which is being released in Hindi as well as well as English. Sagar Desai has composed the music for the film with Ankur Tewari as the lyricist.

MUSIC Placing the ‘Dialogue Mix’ at the very beginning of the album is a smart move since it there and then sets expectations for the listener. A rather long track that (obviously) has some of the key hilarious dialogues from the film added to the music that plays in the background, it carries a definite South feel to it and brings with it a true blue comic feel.  The same mood continues with ‘Murugan Superstar’ which can be classified as the title song. With a mix of English and Hindi lyrics, ‘Murugan Superstar’ talks about the might of Quick Gun Murugan, though yet again in a hilarious manner with a jingle like treatment to it. ‘Tamil Bhangra’ – Now this one could well be a first! Mika is entrusted with the responsibility of coming up with this fusion job and he renders it in an irritating manner as the situation demanded. He fluctuates singing ‘Mind It’ from being full throated to nasal and ensures that Quick Gun Murugan (which also appears in a ‘Club Mix’ version) would continue its quirky feel till the very end. Picturised on Vinay Pathak, ‘Kyoon Keeda Hai Aapko’ is almost conversational in appeal with a classical base to it. A number where he is shown to be explaining Murugan to stop worrying about things that do not matter in life, ‘Kyoon Keeda….’ is more of a scene being narrated than a song being sung. In this aspect, Vijay Prakash does well in his playback singing for Vinay Pathak. From this point on, it is Vijay Prakash all the way as he sings three more songs on the trot. First to come is ‘Ek Tha Murugan’ that has a Western feel to it throughout. Listen to those guitar strings or Vijay’s lazy yet full-on-attitude rendition and you know that it could well be playing along with the opening credit rolls with cowboy Murugan comfortably seated on a horse back.  A recreation from a MS Viswanathan composed number from a Sivaji Ganesan classic, ‘Chat Mangni Lover’ is right from the 50s/60s era and one can well make out that it’s placement in the album is mainly for getting the fun element on. With heavy duty poetic lyrics, ‘Chat Mangni’ has everything from mixing to arrangements to composition reviving that old world charm from the music of movies down South. Even the recording as well as Vijay’s rendition compliments the mood of the song. Watch out for the words ‘O Little Flower See Your Lover’ and you know that there would be laughs galore when the song plays on screen. The song later comes in a couple of ‘remix’ versions as well. The first is titled ‘Space Goddess’ which has been given a lounge touch, courtesy Pratichee Mohapatra who joins Vijay Prakash behind the mike. The other is interestingly titled ‘Aunties on the Dance Floor’. Everything about the old world mood as heard in ‘Chat Mangni Lover’ is continued in ‘Kuchi Kuchi Twist’ (by Vijay Prakash and Hamsika Iyer who do amazingly well with their vocals) which was also originally a MS Viswanathan composition. A trademark song set in the villain’s den with ‘sharaab’ and ‘shabaab’ being in full display, one can almost visualize Rambha’s dance steps for the song. By the time this song comes in the album, one has been almost acclimatized to the mood and setting of the album and the kind of entertainment that Shashanka Ghosh is trying to sell through his film. In fact this track is later also heard in the new age version ‘Ragamuffin Mix’ and it only starts sounding a lot more interesting with Vijay Prakash, Hamsika Iyer, MC Bobkat and Sout Dandy Squad joining the fun.  This is the reason why you don’t mind ‘Naam Mera Mango Dolly’ at all. A song of seduction, this is yet another 50s style composition where everyone from the composer to the lyricist and debutant singer Geeta John go berserk while having some great fun amongst themselves in their attempt at spoofing the world of movies that existed 50 years back.
OVERALL If one listens to the album in a standalone mode then it may sound a little strange since it appears completely out of place and at least half a century behind time. However, try visualizing the songs in context of the setting of Quick Gun Murugan and understand where are filmmaker Shashanka Ghosh along with composer Sagar Desai and lyricist Ankur Tiwari coming from and you would find yourself smiling for most of the tracks.
OUR PICK(S) ‘Kuchi Kuchi Twist’, ‘Chat Mangni Lover’, ‘Mind It’, ‘Naam Mera Mango Dolly’

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