More Than 400 Households Displaced By Floods In Jalle Payam Seek Shelter

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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“The water managed to break the constructed dyke on the 8 December and it is continuing up to now in the area, it was yesterday were ASCOM and Total Company went with the machine for the maintenance of the destroyed part of the dyke in the area,” said Bol.

Bol said it is expanding from both side and the companies are trying their best to make sure that they block the water.

The displaced households lack shelter and medicines and there is insecurity in the area.

He said that a dyke was constructed in the area during the signing of the Compressive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005 and it has not been rehabilitated since.

He requested the humanitarian agencies to quickly respond to the people of Jalle Payam by giving them shelter and food.

Some of the livestock including 30 goats have been attacked by the hyenas and the MP appealed for security assistance.

Jalle Payam has not experienced difficulties in regards to river outflow since 2006 and the Coordinator for South Sudan Relief Rehabilitation Commission, James Jok said that the communities in Bor town are still maintaining their positions and they believe that numbers of people staying in town are people who are having some work or business.

He said they first conduct venerability analysis to confirm the condition of residents affected by disaster.

“If the people have the capacity to fight the disaster than humanitarian agencies sometime we seem to intervene in such situation,” he said.

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