South Sudanese Students In Uganda Elect New Union President

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The results of presidential candidates are published as follow; Agin Jurkau Machar 19 votes, Deng Daniel Panchol 22 votes, Dut Samuel Deng 4 votes, Kot David 8 votes, Magok Chuol Thomas 27 votes, Mawut Joseph Deng 4 votes, Samuel Maker Mading 9 votes, 2 invalid votes and 19 voters abstained from the exercise.

Las week, students from greater Equatoria states threatened to pull out from the union saying they are “dissatisfied” with the union’s leadership and announced their non- participation in the union’s affairs though it was not clear whether they have participated in the elections.

The student’s row intensified in October 2012 when allegations of fund mismanagement were raising to circulate, Uganda police acquitted all but one of them of all charges in November.

South Sudanese student union former president James Mayar along with other top officials in the leadership names were cleared with only finance secretary, Bill Dhieu being charged.

Mayar at the time said that his finance secretary Mr. Bill Dhieu had accused him of being involved in the saga and four others.

He said that the allegations were baseless and meant to cover up the weaknesses that union has discovered in relation to how students funds have been mismanaged in Kampala and Juba.

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