Muslims Pledge Peace And Security During Christmas

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The Islamic elders sat in Aweil on Sunday to discuss the peaceful means of sharing the Birth of Christ Jesus with Christians whose religious celebration for the birth of the Lord falls on December 25th every year.

The State Islamic Chairman and Head of Muslim elders Kiir Chan Wol highlighted the importance of Christmas around the globe regardless of whether one is Muslim or Christian.

 “The 25th of December every year is very special day to all citizens of Aweil regardless of whether one is a Christian or Muslim, we have been sharing religious ideas between Islam and Christianity in this state as well as working hand in hand during religious ceremonies, celebrations and other festival adorations within any given calendar year,” he said.

He urged the Muslims across the country and the globe to join hands with Christians in celebrating the Birth of God’s Messenger, Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile the state Islamic Council in said the preparation have been undertaken in meeting the Christmas demands materially and religiously whereby they joined hands with Christians in maintaining security, religious relations and peaceful coexistence.

“We do not have any religious differences or disagreements with Christians in this state; hence we have been attending their Prayers when they have such a colourful occasion so that we also give our religious opinions in maintaining peace and security,” he said.

He said that as Muslims, any prophet who speaks about God’s words is a real God’s messenger and they want this Christmas celebration to be free from violence and other crimes-related issues.

“We want Christians to dance, sing and rejoice with happiness and avoid holding grudges with fellow brother and sister,” Chan said.

Chan urged the state security and the government to deploy more police to the churches within the state and the counties level so that the civilians are secured and well protected from internal and external threats during Christmas and foremost to the New Year.

“I am urging the police commissioner to prioritize the security during Christmas so that all citizens are in peace from within and abroad especially Khartoum whose intention is to annex part of Northern Bahr el Ghazal to its territory. I would like our government to concentrate on agriculture and other factories for more investments so that we avoid dependency on importing local goods like sesame, groundnuts and onion,” Chan added.

The Islamic council revealed that the Islamic society plans to help the government in providing basic services such schools, hospitals and clean water through an International Islamic Organization (IIO).

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