Greater Kapoeta Peace Conference Sets Out Recommendations

The Eastern Equatoria State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore also attended the congference in Kapoeta. [Peter Lokale Nakimangole]

As one of the recommendations, there must be effective communication, exchange of information and cooperation among the communities of Greater Kapoeta on tracking and recovering stolen cattle.

The conference agreed that criminals especially raiders must be exposed arrested and prosecuted and those who harbour criminals must equally be treated as guilty.

Chiefs, parents, elders, women and youths must not accept receiving criminals along with raided cattle in their respective communities and they must as well stop encouraging cattle raiding.

The conference resolved that people who killed and or lost property during raids must be compensated and recovered property must be returned to rightful owners accordingly.

The conference endorsed that secret agents and security officers must be deployed within communities to report criminal activities.

Early system and effective communication must be established between the communities and County authorities.

County authorities and chiefs must form community policing units in bomas and cattle camps. Cattle camp leaders must be members of community policing units. 

Thefts must be treated as individual isolated criminal cases and not community driven practice.

Chiefs must be empowered and be provided with armed guards to enable them to maintain security and peace.

Government must empower and support those who have taken the responsibility of maintaining peace within communities and cattle camps and establish more police outposts in the hotspot areas and deploy adequate police officers particularly inMaaji, Lorema and Kitingi in Lotukei Payam

They urged the government must stem corruption among law enforcement agencies and the judiciary to ensure effective prosecution of criminals.

The meeting urged the politicians to take an active role in promoting peace and unity among the neighbouring communities and should stop instigating conflicts among communities.

The conference settled that the community leaders must organize periodic meetings with people in cattle camps to tell them to stop cattle raiding and report those who violate this commitment to government authorities.

The conference also endorsed that Chomakori’s Toposa of Kapoeta North County and Larim corridor of Budi County to form a group that will supervise and monitor enforcement of the peace agreement.

Communities of Kaliyor, Lokwamor, Paringa of Kapoeta North County and Larim (Buya) of Budi County will meet in Kalinyori to developed mechanism of arresting criminals.

As part of efforts to show the beginning of real peace, Larim from Kali Boma will always not be transported but will walk home together with Toposa of Machi through Napak, the conference’s leaders agreed and this applied to Didinga of Kibongorok in Budi County and Toposa of Machi in Kapoeta South County will always walk home together.

From this conference, Toposa of Riwoto corridor will work together with the rest of the herdsman and will follow up criminals who raided cattle, the leaders endorsed collectively.

The leaders in the conference agreed that Paringa corridor will hold an urgent meeting and plan to visit the Larim to further agree on inter community cooperation on arresting criminals.

The Didinga from Ngauro will also go home with the Toposa as a sign of peaceful coexistence.

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