Longute Beats Inkas In A Football Friendly

Longute’s goalkeeper (left) keeps the ball during the match with Inkas at Torit Freedom Square.[Peter Lokale Nakimangole]

The two teams demonstrated a tough contest until Sadam, a player from Longute team scored the first goal against the opponent in the 32nd minute.

However, it did not take long when John Malis of Inkas tightened his belt to score his team’s first goal in 37th minute.

Longute team’s Samson Atari then followed by keeping a tallying of one goal to become two against one.

Still challengingly John Malis from Inkas team equalized the game at 54th minute as he scored an additional goal which made it 2-2.

David Ouko from Longute side scored a penalty goal and before long, his playmate’s Louis Kamilo got his fourth goal at 87th minute to become 4-2.

However, as if he was timing, a Longute player’s William Chabalala scored his team’s last goal during injury time at 92nd minute.

The occasion’s referee, Mr. Matthew Oburak had thanked both teams for peaceful game and urged them to improve in tactics.

He announced that the match ended diplomatically saying it was really a friendly competition being played peacefully with opponents shaking hands after the match.

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