Minister Calls On Parliament To Allocate Budget For National Elections Commission

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Hon. John Luk Jok told parliamentarians yesterday that, the NEC is bogged down due to limited financial support to render its activities, adding NEC has no structures and money to conduct elections affecting the effective implementation of the requirements of the National Transitional Constitution.

He explained that, elections for example Lakes State Governor following the dismissal of Eng. Chol Mayay cannot be held by the NEC due to absence of structures as a result of lack of funds, adding the budget is also needed to conduct elections for the Governor of Unity State who was dismissed last Sunday.

The Transitional Constitution gives 60 days for elections to be held in case a governor is dismissed in office by the President. However, the lack of funds could not allow the implementation of this constitutional requirement according to John Luk.

There are also some vacancies in the National legislature and State parliaments that supposedly need replacement through conduct of elections by the NEC. However, this has become impossible.

John Luk joined the August House yesterday during the debate on the third reading of the Petroleum Revenue Management Bill. The bill when ratified and assent by the President gives the legal platform for transparent and accountable use of the South Sudan oil money.

The parliament is soon expected to start deliberations on the annual 2013-2014 budget after it was presented to the House early this month by the Acting Minister of Finance and Economic Planning at the sum of 17.3 billion South Sudan Pounds. 

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