Minister Calls For Calm Among Citizens

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The assurance follows reported panic among citizens coming from the recent reshuffle. He urged the citizens to be calm and go about their normal businesses, saying there is no cause for alarm.

Kisanga said the removal of the long serving vice president of the republic of South Sudan Dr. Riak Machar is the constitutional right of the president whom he said can form and dissolve the government when he deems necessary. 

 He stressed that the Vice president and all the ministers are appointed to serve in the government, saying anybody appointed is subjected to changes anytime when needed.

Hon. Kisanga also said there should be no worries on how the government will function without the National Ministers as the Undersecretaries and Director Generals have fully taken over as instructed by the president.

Mr. Jackson Baffa, a resident of Yambio said the decision brought by the president is good since he did it within his powers.

Baffa however feared that decision of the president may lead to total corruption because once a minister is taken away abruptly whatever is planned or the money in the offices shall not be considered in the next cabinet.

He said the president should have sacked specific ministers not all of them because development plans are already left in a balance. 

Baffa however called on his fellow citizens to remain calm as the new cabinet awaits to be formed soon.

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