Minority Group Protest Enactment Of Security Services Bill

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The leader of Minority Group in the National Legislative Assembly, Hon. Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec, has officially issued a statement protesting against Assembly’s passing of the Security Services Bill he referred to as violation of the Assembly.

According to the statement dated 08th Oct 2014, Hon. Adigo said that they walked out yesterday from the Assembly, protesting against what he termed ‘violation of the assembly laws’ by the SPLM in the house.

“When we saw that it was a serious violation of the Assembly regulations, we, as the official opposition in the House, walked out of the hall in protest of the violation of the Assembly guiding regulation by the SPLM in the house,” he said.

“The reason is simply that we did not go over the changes they had made in the document; so we could not participate in the discussions we did not participate in. Really we wanted to have our observations and comments on the document considered; but we were vehemently denied,” the minority leader decried.

Hon. Adigo said that the official opposition in the parliament has been following the developments in theNational Security Services Bill presented to the Assembly last month for the second reading.

“In its third reading presentation, the bill was terribly criticized by most members of the parliament, that it was not in conformity with the transitional constitution and was sent back to the committee for refining, where some challenges were done on the bill,” the statement said.

“Yet  it did not get a chance to come back to the house again because the SPLM Caucasus were working on it for two sittings, that was on Thursday 02nd October 2014 and Wednesday 08th October 2014 morning. At 1:30 pm” he said “the bell was rang for entry to the house.”

Adigo said that once in the house a seven-page document was distributed in the hall, adding that they requested the Rt. Hon. Speaker if the Members of Parliament (MPs) could be given allowances for time to go over the document in accordance to the conduct of business regulation of the National Legislative Assembly2011 regulation 28 (1). But Adigo said the request was turned down with the approval of the Rt. Hon. Speaker.

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