Sri Lanka 13th Anniversary of LTTE defeat

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This article was last updated on May 18, 2022

On the 13th anniversary of LTTE defeat in Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the following statement:

“As we mark the 13th anniversary of LTTE defeat in Sri Lanka,  we remember and pay tribute to the lives that were lost during the 26 years of fighting, including at the massacre in Mullivaikal, as well as those who went missing, were hurt, or were forced to leave their homes. Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones who are still dealing with the pain, trauma, and loss that this tragedy caused.

“This year, we also want to say that we are worried about how the people of Sri Lanka are still suffering because of the current economic and political crisis. We want the government of Sri Lanka to make sure that people’s right to protest and freedom of speech are respected, and we want all sides to stop using violence.

“The people of Sri Lanka, including the Tamil people, need a safe, peaceful, and stable country. Over the years, I’ve talked to people from the Tamil community and other places that were affected by the war in Sri Lanka. Their stories remind us of how important it is to find lasting peace and reconciliation.

Canada continues to ask Sri Lanka to keep its promise to set up a meaningful accountability process that gives victims and survivors justice. We will also keep working as part of the core group on Sri Lanka at the United Nations Human Rights Council to ensure accountability and reconciliation. Canada also continues to help the government of Sri Lanka meet its human rights obligations by taking concrete steps, as well as all those working for peace and reconciliation in the country.

“Today, I want to encourage Canadians to show their support by reaching out to their Tamil neighbors and other people affected by the war in Sri Lanka. By learning about and thinking about past tragedies, we can all work together to make sure they don’t happen again and build a better future for everyone.

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