President Zardari Urges Israel to stop building illegal settlements

Pakistan maintains that the new illegal settlements being built by Tel Aviv in the Palestinian territory will leave a devastating effect on the proposed two-state solution. On Sunday, Pakistani officials accused the western countries for overlooking the atrocities of Israeli forces.

President Asif Ali Zardari met with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday. He took the opportunity to urge the international community to prevent Israel from building illegal settlements in the occupied territory.

President Zardari said: “It is the saddest day that champions of justice and human rights do nothing but watch.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas showed gratitude for facilitating Palestine to win recognition of non-member status by the United Nations. President Abbas also insisted on Israel to bar illegal settlements and promote peace and harmony in the region. Speaking for his people, he claimed that the Palestinians are more than willing to bring peace in the region.

“We reiterate that our priority is to continue working hard and relentlessly to achieve our right to freedom and independence ending

the accumulating suffering of our refugees through 65 years of homelessness,” said President Abbas.

President Zardari said Pakistan and Palestine share historical ties based purely on the aspirations and sincere sentiments of the citizens of the two countries. He concluded his address by a quote from the Quaid-e-Azam: “But no nation, no people who are worth living as a nation, can achieve anything great without making great sacrifices, such as the Arabs of Palestine are making.”

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