Earthquake felt all over Pakistan and neighboring countries

Pakistan was hit by a massive earthquake at 1600hours (PST) on Tuesday. Sources report that a 5.4-magnitude earthquake was felt all over the country. No causalities have been reported till now.

Reportedly, Iran is been considered the epicenter while jolts were also felt in India. Magnitude of the earthquake in Iran was reported to be 8.0.

Social media immediately came to action while thousands of people uploaded statuses and tweeted about the earthquake.

Sataesh khan wrote on Facebook: “Earthquake in Dubai, India, Pakistan.. Allahu Akbar, ask for Allah’s mercy and Maghfirat. Stay in Wuzu, May Allah have mercy on us.”

Maha Khalid uploaded her status: “Woah, the earthquake tremors shook me up…”

Muhammad Zain Shahid wrote: “I hope everyone’s Safe and Sound! Earth Quake felt in Pakistan-Indian Sub Continent as well as Middle-East all over! 7.9 on Richter Scale.”

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