China warns Australia

Australia could be ‘nuclear war target’ in new Aukus defence pact, warns furious China

Australia could become the target of a nuclear strike by China following the security agreement with the US and UK which will lead to it acquiring a nuclear-powered submarine fleet.

According to the Global Times, a newspaper viewed as a mouthpiece of the Communist Party in Beijing, Chinese military experts fear the vessels could be upgraded with a nuclear arsenal, despite assurances they will only carry conventional weapons.

Chinese military experts have supposedly warned of a potential strike on Australia. This is reportedly because it would be relatively easy for Washington and London to equip the vessels with ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads.

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  1. After “a lost decade” of the independent attempts to stabilize the national economy, China was drawn into an orbit of the American policy towards the USSR and since late 1970s the favourable conditions for its economic advance were created by the USA. The Western aid to China was increased especially during the Soviet armed forces presence in Afghanistan and the Vietnamese ones in Cambodia. Now that the Soviet presence in these countries, as well as in the region, is no longer, further assistance to China’s economy makes no sense. It is worth nothing that for China it implies that the newly-emerged faint traits of the free-market economy will vanish.            In the overall alignment of world forces and in the Asian Pacific region in particular, China will take the place of the former USSR and play its role. It will oppose both the USA’s interests, on one hand, and that of Japan, Korea and Taiwan, on the other hand.

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