Many killed in Russian attack on Kiev and other cities, children’s hospital hit


This article was last updated on July 8, 2024

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Many killed in Russian attack on Kiev and other cities, children’s hospital hit

Several people have been killed in a Russian attack on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The attack, which exceptionally took place during the day, included a children’s hospital. Other places in the country were also bombarded with Russian missiles.

Mayor Klychko of Kyiv speaks to the Reuters news agency about one of the heaviest attacks on the city in two years of war. Images show that part of the children’s hospital has collapsed. The windows of surrounding buildings were also shattered.

Nothing is yet known about how many victims fell here. According to President Zelensky, doctors and bystanders are still searching for victims among the rubble. “The world cannot be silent about what is happening here. Everyone must see what Russia is and does,” he tweeted.

Zelensky shared images of the devastation at the hospital:

An advisor to President Zelensky speaks of “deranged Russian terrorists”, because the attacks took place at a time when there are many civilians on the streets. Clouds of smoke can be seen in several places above Kyiv. At least seven people are said to have died in the capital.

Debris from downed rockets is said to have ended up in various places in Kyiv. Mayor Klytsjko warns residents to stay in the shelters.

Images allegedly taken at the hospital show how the young patients were taken from the hospital by medical staff. They are transferred to another hospital.

More deaths

In total, Russia attacked at least five places in Ukraine with more than forty different types of missiles. Supersonic weapons were also used, which are difficult to shoot down.

At least ten people are said to have died in the more southern city of Kryvy Rih. Attacks are also reported in eastern Pokrovsk, where at least three people are said to have been killed. In total, at least fifty people were injured in all the attacks.


The attack overshadows efforts by Hungarian President Orbán to end the war. He was in China today for what he calls peace talks and previously spoke with Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russian President Putin.

During the meeting with Orbán, Chinese leader Xi called on both sides to observe a ceasefire so that negotiations can begin. According to him, all world powers should “radiate positive energy, not negative energy”.

Orbán is currently traveling to the US for further consultations. NATO’s 75th anniversary will be celebrated in Washington in the coming days. The members of the alliance also want to discuss security issues there, such as the war in Ukraine. According to Secretary General Stoltenberg, it is a moment to “radiate unity and strength”.

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