Animal Trapper Charged With Animal Abuse For Using Injured Pigeon as Bait

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A veteran animal trapper, who was apparently highly infamous due to stories of him catching skunks, Canada geese and a hawk at University of Windsor, has been charged with animal abuse related charges after an incident of finding a tied and injured pigeon as an owl bait. The executive director of the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society, Melanie Coulter, alleged that it’s not always illegal to use live bait for trapping animals, however, It’s the way he went about it.

It was explained that the pigeon was being kept bait with two broken wings and two broken legs, while being tethered down with no food or water. Witnesses informed the humane society investigators that the pigeon was left as it is since almost two days. Coulter stated that “If you think about a dog having four broken limbs and being left without food or water, I can’t see anyone saying we shouldn’t be investigating it.” Additionally, she pointed out that “so in this case, this animal was in distress. We were appreciative that people called us and let us know about it, so we were able to investigate and at least end his suffering.”

The culprit Ted Foreman, who is a resident of Comber and the owner of Bob’s Animal Removal, has now been indicted with charges of causing distress to an animal. Experts suspect that Foreman’s maximum sentence, which is only imposed in extreme cases, could be a $60,000 fine or two years in prison.

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