Party Leaders Applaud Bob Rae’s Term as Liberal Party Interim Leader

Liberals paid tribute to their interim leader for two-years, Bob Rae, on Saturday amidst the party’s ongoing leadership campaign that has almost reached voting period to decide Rae’s successor who will lead the party into the next federal election. Even though Rae was only a leader for only two years, he was highly praised by the party’s great leaders including former prime minister, Paul Martin, the party president, Mike Crawley, and several hundred other Liberal workers who filled up the Toronto’s convention hall hours before the voting was to begin for the next permanent leader.

Paul Martin complemented Rae, saying that “few jobs are as difficult as that of an interim leader, especially in the circumstances that existed when the role fell to Bob Rae.” He elucidated that “yet, whether it was the repairing of the party’s finances … or whether it was debating across the floor with the Conservative government, for whom the concepts of transparency and deference and decency are anathema, Bob Rae never failed to rise to the occasion.”

Additionally, Martin alleged that “we have to learn the lesson that when we work together and work as a team and work co-operatively and work respecting the differences and the dignity of each and every member of this party and all Canadians, then we are on the road to success.” While asserting the future plan for the party, he stated that “we have to build up the strength and the support and the finances and the capacity of 338 (Liberal riding associations), and we can’t do it unless we get together and focus on the need for that kind of organization.”

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