Premier Wall Says Overdue Regulations Might Get Keystone Deal

While announcing to introduce long overdue federal greenhouse gas regulations for the oil and gas sector, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall mentioned that they will hopefully be an indicator that Canada is taking action on the environment. However, he alleged that he doesn’t believe they are particularly important to impress the Obama administration into approving the Keystone XL oilsands pipeline.

Premier Wall mentioned that the Harper government’s reluctance to introduce greenhouse gas regulations for the energy sector over a period of eight years is “admittedly a long period,” but added that he wants Ottawa to make sure they get it right. Wall made the announcement while addressing the audience at the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa on Friday. He alleged that Canada has emphasized its Keystone selling point to the U.S. on the number of jobs the pipeline would create, but corrected that “what we now need to do is pivot to the environment.”

Moreover, Wall admitted that that having Ottawa finally introduce the long-awaited greenhouse gas regulations for the oil and gas sector will evidently aid Canada’s sales job on Keystone XL and be an impressive gesture to show other customers interested in Canada’s oil and gas. In addition to Canada’s efforts on carbon capture and storage and tackling coal-fired emissions, Wall alleged that “it would be a signal that would help (on Keystone XL). I don’t think it’s necessary because we have all of these other things to point to on the environmental side.”

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