McGuinty Government Cutting Red Tape, Helping More Students Succeed

Starting this year, college and university students are spending less time filling out loan and grant applications and standing in back-to-school line-ups. They are also receiving their financial support faster.

The province has streamlined student aid by making the application process easier and cutting red tape. This helps students focus more on their studies. Changes to the process this year mean:

* Students fill out fewer forms for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and Student Access Guarantee (SAG) funds
* When they complete their OSAP application, they are also automatically evaluated for SAG funding
* Starting in January 2011, recipients of the Ontario Access Grant and Distance Grant will have their aid directly deposited into their bank accounts.

Additional changes benefit students by:

* Providing more assistance for tuition, living costs, books, supplies and equipment
* Allowing students to keep more of the money they earn from part-time jobs
* Providing a no-interest no-payment period on student loans for six months after graduation
* Providing additional support for married students and students with children
* Introducing a new grant for part-time students
* Offering students more flexibility on repayment.

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